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Sai Container has class-leading storage solutions offered new and used shipping containers for sale across Auckland NZ. Our Products and Services are quality driven and affordable. We offer a wide range of second hand containers and committed to providing you with exceptional customer service and a long lasting impression. Our vision is to continually offer a top quality service giving to our clients to assure peace of mind. Quality standards are controlled and measured on all products and services offered.

Saicontainer is supplying a wide range of new and used shipping containers for sale in Auckland, New Zealand. We cover all the various ways in which to shop for, like buying outright and hiring and the best ways to go about both. The aim of our website is to offer everyone the chance to have all the information about any question they may have in relation to Shipping Containers.

shipping containers for sale nz
Shipping Container For Sale

Cheap Shipping Containers for Sale Auckland

Buy cheap shipping containers in Auckland at competitive prices and have both buy and hire options to suit your budgets and cash flow. We have also included the most comprehensive list on the web of all the various types and sizes of storage and shipping containers you will find. All these containers have different uses and they can all be modified in different ways- which we have also detailed in the modification section of the menu.

We’ve worked hard to earn our reputation as a high-quality shipping container supplier, focused on better service to satisfy the requirements of our customers. Saicontainer is a trusted supplier of new & used shipping containers in Auckland New Zealand.

Buy New Shipping Container Auckland - New Zealand

buy 10ft shipping contaner auckland

10ft Shipping Containers for Sale Auckland​

A 10ft container is a non-standard container size and an excellent choice if you have limited space. This portable container comes with both option of single door and double door. They are ideal for use as a store room or worksite storage.

20ft shipping containers for sale

20ft Shipping Containers for Sale Auckland

A 20ft container is the most common type of dry container used in the shipping industry and for general purpose storage (also called GP containers). These containers are wind and watertight (WWT) and come with a plywood floor.

40ft shipping container for sale

40ft Shipping Containers for Sale Auckland

A 40ft shipping container is another commonly used dry container size and is ideal for bulk on-site storage or overland transportation. These extremely strong containers provide safe and dry storage for your goods.

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